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What We Do

  1. Structured Enterprise Cabling (LAN):

    The modern office has adopted the use of single multi-use cabling for various IT and electrical infrastructure. We pride ourselves in the quality of our turn key structured cabling implementations that utilise world class cabling methods to completely wire up your 40 storey building or 2 room office. Our cabling is guaranteed to pass fluke tests and stand the test of time. We implement fibre optics connections, high grade Ethernet (twisted pair) or coaxial cables for your various needs i.e. file/printer sharing, internet access, comms

  2. Online Inverter System:

    Providing uninterruptible power for computers, lights, electronics, entire offices, with SNMP monitoring etc. We are distributors of Cyber Power, Magnum and other high quality online inverters.

  3. Renewable Energy Solutions:

    Solar, Wind, etc. reduce your electricity as well as your carbon footprint.

  4. Voice over IP PABX Intercom system:

    Providing enterprise grade telephony for intercommunication within offices as well as communication with outside lines.

  5. Security and firewall Management:

  6. Wireless Network:

    Provide wireless access to internet etc. throughout your offices.

  7. Internet Access;

    We Gold level channel partners to 3 major global internet providers, we can provide reliable Internet Access for your business

  8. Internet Access Control:

    We offer an all in one solution that manages your internet and controls what users can download and speed to prevent hogs and bottlenecks. It also authenticates to aid cost effective sharing of the internet.

  9. Centralized Stabilizer (10KVA upwards), providing electrical protection for all appliances in your office/home.

  10. Mobile devices (scanners, printers, etc):

    Portable scanners and/or printers that fit into any laptop bag and can be used to scan/print documents or anything with a flat surface.

  11. Security Cameras:

    Strategically placed around and within the premises viewable from a screen or any secured computer with ability to pan, rotate and scroll.

  12. Inventory Management Database:

    This network solution keeps a database of all inventory of the business and updates on its location, status and movement.

  13. Routine Health data collection and Collation utilising mobile technologies:

    This solutions utilises open source technologies for data collection. This reduces cost of implementation and allows the client to focus on providing high quality health care and support.

  14. Large Format Printer (Plotter) Sales and Support:

    We are key distributors of HP’s line of Design jet printers used in the construction and graphics industries. We offer after sales support and maintenance plans to ensure clients maximise their investment.

  15. Mobile Application Development and support:

    We develop apps for the various popular mobile platforms available i.e. android, windows phone, apple iOS, blackberry