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Allibii Executive Solutions is an information technology company with core in high-tech software and hardware supplies and installations, we satisfactorily render professional supply, installation and maintenance for our clients. we offer IT first line and last line support in various organizations such as parastatals, private companies, NGOs, Schools etc.
We pay keen attention to our client’s specifications to serve them graciously, all our hardware supplies are from certified and credible sources and they come with satisfactory warranty.

We have our vast expertise in the supply and installation of top notch products and assurance of quality service to our client that helps them maximize ROI via increased effective platforms. We are partners with several products and brands manufacturers such as DELL, HP, LENOVO, MICROSOFT, ESET, NETSUPPORT which gives us access to best quality appliances in the market for purchase. We have engaged in supplies and installations of various products and brands for client’s like parastatals and many NGO’s such as;


1. Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3)


2. Health strategy and delivery Foundation (HSDF)


3. John Hopkins university; Bloomberg school of public health


4. Lagos building investment company


5. Regent International Schools


6. Trident Microfinance Bank


7.SASCON International schools


8.National Agency For the Control of AIDS (NACA)


9.Abuja Preparatory School