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ALLIBII EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS is an Information Technology (IT) company, we aim at contributing our quota in bridging the gap between developing and developed nations through IT. We maintain a dynamic but consistent structure that suits individuals and even organizations. We operate these major areas of IT namely, HARDWARE SUPPLY, INSTALLATION AND MAINTANANCE   OF ALL PRODUCTS WE SELL, NETWORKING SOLUTION, and CONSULTING.



ALLIBII EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS as one of the major players in the industry and a registered partner with HP, DELL, CISCO, MICROSOFT,NETSUPPORT, E-SET , PRAG STABILIZERS AND INVERTERS ,and some other international IT organizations, we possess a proven capability as a reliable IT solution provider specializing in supplies, Installation, Maintenance, systems integration. We are poised to provide the necessary services you require for your IT infrastructure.

We presently serve organized private sector Operators, Government parastatals Schools and Sme’s in Nigeria.


ALLIBII EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS has been able to provide reliable IT solution to its wide range of clientele over a period of  ten (10) years now. We believe that the costumer requirements must be met in such a way that he actually benefits from his IT investment. It is also our firm belief that the customer must continue to get continuous support for her IT investment over the useful life time of the equipment/service. This implies that we shall ensure that the total cost of ownership (T.C.O) of all hardware we supply is reduced to minimum cost to the owner to the owner of the equipment.

We have competent and well-trained personnel: this comprises System Engineers, Software experts and Project Managers. We consider our personnel as our most vital assets and we ensure that they get optimal training in their relevant fields of operations.

Our IT personnel have been involved in several major IT projects across the country. They know that their ability to produce reliable and cost-effective results in every project they undertake, determine to a large extent our survival in this industry. In the performance of any project, our emphasis is on teamwork with the client’s representative.


In addition, we will want to point out that Allibii Executive Solutions enjoys an unlimited and executive support network with HP solution in Nigeria.


We are proud to inform you that we have enough resources on ground to implement a complete computerization of your entire Establishment. Our services are listed below.





A major benefit of our international affiliations is our ability to offer a wide range of PC products, Servers and another midrange computer to our clientele. It is important to also mention that a large stock of computer products in our offices, so as to meet the consistent demand of our customers, this has enabled us to meet customers demands which are made within very short notice


Presently we have in stock special specification of computer hardware and peripherals. We have listed below with various computer and peripherals for your attention. We would also want to be aware that every computer unit we sell enjoys a comprehensive hardware/software warranty support.

ALLIBII EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS is a major partner/systems integrator of software and Hardware products from Microsoft corporation, HP, Oracle, we are also agents of PRAG stabilizers, and NETSUPPORT.

At ALLIBII EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS we meet the needs of our customers with under listed items ready to be supplied, installed and tested.


Computer systems like any other man-made equipment are prone to failures, which may occur at the most unlikely times. In this respect, the issue of breakdown is considered normally. However, if the occurrence becomes too often, it creates problem to everybody including the user the company and any person connected to the use of the faulty equipment. Preventive maintenance is carried out on systems in other to reduce this failure and this in turn extends the life of the machine and also saves cost. Additionally, it reduces the downtime. Remember, prevention is better than cure. In Allibii we are concerned about the continuous functionality of all the equipment’s we market and supply. Our engineering services are grouped in three categories: –



This service is open to all our clients who do not have/operate a formal maintenance, contract with us. If there is need to replace a component in the faulty equipment, the client bears the cost



There are two main types of maintenance agreement. In ordinary preventive maintenance, the frequency or the time frame is a subject of agreement between us and the client. However, it is usually done on a quarterly basis (i.e. once every 3 months). Some people still go for a monthly option. It is a question of balancing several factors.



In comprehensive preventive maintenance all the causes covered under the ordinary preventive maintenance agreement are included. In addition to the replacement of any faulty part, module or subsystem is done at no extra cost. In order words, any of the systems or units that go bad, comprehensive maintenance agreement is fixed at no charge. However, the replaced of faulty part becomes the property of ALLIBII EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS


At Allibii executive solutions we endeavor to satisfy the needs of our customers with the under listed engineering service(s) groups:









…….and many more.