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Product NetSupport ServiceDesk
Type Browser-based Service Desk Software
Current Version 5
Platform Support
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The availability of mission critical systems is key to the success of any modern organisation and to the productivity of the staff that use them. Ensuring this is the case relies on the ability of your IT support team to deliver an effective and timely response to issues as they arise.

NetSupport has over 25 years’ experience helping corporate and education customers implement effective service management practices through its range of compatible Desktop Management solutions. Available to purchase as either a standalone solution or used in conjunction with NetSupport DNA and NetSupport Manager (complementary IT asset management and PC remote control solutions), NetSupport ServiceDesk delivers the processes needed to help you effortlessly track, organise, manage and answer the toughest support challenges.

Supporting the essential ITIL processes – Incident, Problem, Change and Service Level Management – NetSupport ServiceDesk ensures your support team can effectively manage customer expectations and minimise the amount of system downtime.

With a fully customisable and intuitive browser-based interface that supports both desktop and mobile platforms, robust workflow processes, a wealth of management reports and a customer-friendly self-service portal, NetSupport ServiceDesk is guaranteed to take the strain out of service delivery!

Key features include:


With the server installed on any Windows PC and utilising Microsoft SQL Server technology, NetSupport ServiceDesk can be accessed through a web browser by any user from their desktop or mobile device.

Incident Management

The key to effective Incident Management is being able to minimise the impact on day-to-day business operations, restoring normal service as quickly and efficiently as possible. NetSupport ServiceDesk’s automated workflow processes help you achieve this by delivering the following as standard:

  • Customers can log incidents on-line and review current status in real time.
  • Automated Incoming/Outgoing email processing.
  • Automatic assignment of incidents to operators based on pre-defined customer rules for either Problem Type or User Type.
  • Automatic escalation of incidents based on customer-specific rules.
  • Structured notes history for an incident with source identifiers (telephone, email and more) for each additional entry within the item’s lifecycle.
  • Use in conjunction with NetSupport DNA to retrieve a full Hardware and Software Inventory for each user’s system.
  • Attach, store and associate files to an incident.
  • Avoid duplicating effort by connecting multiple related incidents.
  • Automatic priority assignment for new incidents.
  • Accurate recording of time spent dealing with incidents.
  • Prioritised Help Requests for users and incident types together with easy operator allocation.
  • Help Request logging with customisable categories for easy input.
  • Pre-populated incident templates.
  • Pre-populated solutions database enables customers to search for an answer before they log an incident.

Problem Management

The key to successful Problem Management is being able to reduce the volume of incidents being logged in the first place. NetSupport ServiceDesk enables you to proactively investigate and resolve the root cause of issues, leading to:

  • Improved reliability of Services.
  • A reduction in the volume of reported incidents thus lightening the load on your Service Desk.
  • Delivery of permanent solutions rather than constant workarounds.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased knowledge within the service desk.

Problem Managers can utilise a range of tools, including report dashboards and advanced searching, to help them identify trends and link related incidents to a problem. Once a resolution is found, the relevant incidents are automatically closed.

Change Management

NetSupport ServiceDesk helps you introduce a set of defined methods and procedures for the efficient and prompt handling of change requests. Automated workflow processes ensure appropriate communication, reporting and approval mechanisms are in place at each stage of the lifecycle.

Escalations & Notifications

  • Send Email Notifications using fully customisable email templates.
  • Automatic escalation of incident based on customer-specific rules.

User Management

  • Active Directory synchronisation.
  • Allow end users to generate ServiceDesk logon accounts or restrict generation of end user accounts to Administrators and ServiceDesk operators.
  • Import user departments and companies from other systems into NetSupport ServiceDesk.
  • Assign ServiceDesk operators to specific Companies and Departments in the user hierarchy.
  • Pre-define the members of a Change Advisory Board (CAB) for each category of change request.


Information is key and one of the main principles of NetSupport ServiceDesk is to offer you the means to capture comprehensive statistics, ensuring you are fully informed in order to make effective decisions.

However, the data gathered must be made available in an intuitive and user- friendly format, otherwise the efficiency benefits gained from implementing NetSupport ServiceDesk will be cancelled out by the time spent filtering this information and manipulating it into a useable format.

NetSupport ServiceDesk offers great flexibility:

The reports dashboard enables you to manipulate data to suit your specific needs. On-screen results are provided in a tabular and/or bar and pie chart format. Multiple reports can be presented side by side for easy comparison. This option is backed by a set of common status reports provided as standard with the product. You can even create your own reports (containing HTML, text and supporting graphs) using the intuitive “drag & drop” custom report designer.


As every organisation is unique, possessing different requirements, NetSupport ServiceDesk allows for the customisation of many key features within the solution. From operator functionality to the creation of specific data entry fields, NetSupport ServiceDesk can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your organisation.

  • Custom Data Designer allowing for customised data fields.
  • Profiled Operator access and customised functionality.
  • Streamlined creation of a solutions database to aid future help requests.
  • Use the intuitive design tool available to administrators to add custom data items to records.
  • Custom report designer.
  • Personalised “Home” page based on each operator’s individual requirements.
  • Personlised “Exit” pages.
  • Multi-lingual user interface.


NetSupport ServiceDesk integrates seamlessly with other NetSupport and 3rd party Network Management solutions to provide you with the range of complementary tools you need to provide a complete support offering:

  • Direct integration with NetSupport DNA Asset Management Suite.
  • Direct integration with NetSupport Manager Remote Control.